20-25 NOV 23


SU-Schoolies is the best start to life after school with 2 of the most epic locations to choose from you can pick a Schoolies that will be totally unforgettable. Bush 2 Beach (Fraser Island) or Sunny Coast each location is packed full of thrill, adventure and plenty of time for total relaxation. Get your bestie’s together and pick your location, because it’s time to celebrate.

* Depending on COVID and government restrictions during 2023, this event may be subject to change.


FROM $795*

Year-after-year, around graduates choose SU-Schoolies Sunny Coast as their location to celebrate.

If you want a Schoolies week that is packed full of activities, people and parties then SU Schoolies Sunny Coast is the one for you. From the moment you step onto Alex Park Conference Centre, the party begins and it doesn’t stop with skirmish, Go Karting, tubing, water skiing, Jet skiing, aqua park, shopping, you’ll be partying like it’s your birthday every day. At night there are more elective options, dance parties, a carnival, and our combined Pluggers program that features our house band, highlights package and speaker.

* Cost is the minimum price for attending a camp this year. Prices will vary from year to year and can increase based on the options you select when you book.

You can upsize your SU Schoolies Sunny Coast experience with a range of extra activities to choose from.

While you party with your bestie’s, SU Schoolies Sunny Coast will also allow you to meet other school-leavers from around the state who often become life-long friends.

Transport options available from North, Central, Southern and South East Queensland so get excited and join the party.




Use the links above to register for the event

Contact us at info@su-schoolies.com if you no longer wish to attend. This may incur a cancellation fee.

We will send a list of items to pack in our last newsletter including clothes, beach wear, toiletries spending money etc.

Hundreds of school leavers from all over Queensland attend this event. Schoolies from both state and private schools have come in the past. If you finish year 12 in 2023, you can be there!

SU-Schoolies has a team of trained leaders who are there to ensure you have a fun and safe week at the event. Apart from leading small groups, our role as leaders is to get alongside you and ensure that you have an amazing Schoolies experience. All leaders are SU Australia volunteers with Working With Children Card’s, training and reference checks. See Parents information for more details on privacy and child protection.

All participants are not required to be fully vaccinated to attend. We work with current government guidelines as it is subject to change. We will provide updated information about this later in the year if anything changes

Each night as part of the Pluggers Program, there will be a Christian speaker who will challenge you to consider what role God can play in your life after school?

Accomodation and meals at the Alex Park Conference located just a few minutes walk from the beach.

We are committed to making it as easy as possible for Schoolies to attend from right across QLD. We will provide transport options from Brisbane by bus with group travel options available from Wide Bay, Central QLD and Darling Downs.

Accomodation rooms vary in size. We will place with 1 person of the same gender who you nominate as part of the registration process. We will do our best to keep school or church groups together.

We will give you credit towards activities you choose across 3 days that will allow you to choose activities that will give you a great week. You can then choose to spend more money and upgrade your electives for the week. Final elective details and opening dates will be communicated through our October Newsletter.


SU Australia works alongside churches and communities to give children, young people and their families opportunities to discover hope and life in God’s big story.

Our mission is to bring God’s love, hope, and good news to children, young people, and families.

SU Schoolies events provide school leavers with an amazing and memorable experience which is a fun, safe and thoroughly enjoyable way to celebrate finishing school. All events are 100% drug and alcohol free. Our events are run by SU Australia staff and volunteers who are trained in caring for participants and managing activities and events.
All staff and volunteers hold Blue Cards and are trained in the ChildSafe safety management system.

Privacy Policy, Child Protection Statement



We are looking for more people to join our team of volunteers impacting the next generation. If you have a blue card and want to be part of this exciting event contact us today.




If you have any questions or general enquiries please get in touch and one of our friendly team members will get back to you!

We will also love to tell you when our SU-Schoolies registrations open for future years. Please leave your contact details and we will contact you when registrations open.

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