Sunny Coast

"Party time in the sun"

Year-after-year, around graduates choose SU Schoolies Sunny Coast as their location to celebrate.

If you want a Schoolies week that is packed full of activities, people and parties then SU Schoolies Sunny Coast is the one for you. From the moment you step onto the bus, the party begins and it doesn’t stop with skirmish, Go Karting, tubing, water skiing, Jet skiing, aqua park, shopping, you’ll be partying like it’s your birthday every day. At night there are live bands, dance parties, a carnival, and our combined Pluggers program that features our house band, highlights package and speaker.

You can upsize your SU Schoolies Sunny Coast experience with a range of extra activities to choose from.

While you party with your bestie’s, SU Schoolies Sunny Coast will also allow you to meet other school-leavers from around the state who often become life-long friends.

Transport options available from North, Central, Southern and South East Queensland so get excited and join the party.

21st November to 26th November 2022

“Depending on COVID and government restrictions during 2022, this event may be subject to change”

Cost: 795*

Cost is the minimum price for attending a camp this year. Prices will vary from year to year and can increase based on the options you select when you book.